Approach to Therapy

I believe therapy is a collaborative endeavor, with you and I working as a team. Together, we will craft the approach that will best allow you to make changes in your life. 


Please know that affecting such change is hard work and requires commitment. While I will empower and support you
in reaching your goals, there is also work that you will need
to do during, and in between, sessions.

I will provide practical tools and strategies for you to implement and practice between our meetings.

Such tasks will translate the work we are doing in session into
a useful and real-world means of affecting change in your life. Completing these assignments also serves to empower you and encourage lasting change.

I provide treatment that works. The therapeutic practices I employ are evidence-based; that is, scientific research has repeatedly determined that such strategies are effective in reducing emotional distress and effecting behavioral change. Specifically, I use cognitive and behavioral therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, and strategies from the field of positive psychology. In addition, we may also choose to incorporate the use of yoga and meditation practices into the therapeutic process. 

I am a practical, engaged, active, and when necessary,
directive therapist. Our sessions will be an involved exchange
of ideas. You can expect me to ask questions and to assist you in examining your perceptions and patterns of behavior from different points of view. I will offer recommendations for treatment interventions. Then, I will guide and support you through your chosen approach to treatment, prescribing techniques and strategies that will best target the issues with which you are struggling.

We, of course, will spend time discussing your history, as I need to understand how your journey led you here. But, we will use that history to identify patterns of thought and behavior that have worked for you in the past, but likely no longer serve you now.

We will create effective, personalized strategies and interventions to establish new ways for you to relate to yourself, your body, and others.

Our work together may also focus on accepting yourself just as you are, as well as the creation of new methods of coping with difficult feelings and experiences.