Fees & insurance

I have a self-pay arrangement with my clients and, therefore, do not accept insurance.

Receiving therapy services without using insurance benefits affords you greater control of the privacy of your most personal information. For example, insurance companies require clinicians to offer a mental health-related diagnosis on claims for service. On the contrary, when you self-pay for treatment, I am not required to offer such a diagnosis. As many of the individuals I see are not mentally ill, but are instead struggling with life stressors or simply trying to create positive change in their lives, a formal diagnosis is often unwarranted. Further, a diagnosis then does not enter an insurance database where it could potentially become discoverable and render you ineligible, for example, for future disability or life insurance. In addition to diagnoses, at times, insurance companies require a great deal of additional personal information to justify the continued need for treatment, information I would be obligated to provide.

Further, because I do not accept insurance, I am better able to provide higher quality, and more personalized, treatment. The treatment we collaboratively choose for you is not subject to review – or directed by – your insurance company. And I am also able to focus my energy on treating my clients rather than combatting insurance companies for payment.

Cash, check, and, for your convenience, major credit cards are accepted. You may also use your flexible spending and health savings account (HSA) funds for your sessions.  Payment is expected at the time of service.



My Rates:

$250 for initial consultation 

$175 for subsequent 45 to 50-minute individual therapy sessions