Group Therapy ( + Yoga ) 

If you are an established individual therapy client, you have the option to add a weekly Group Therapy ( + Yoga ) session.


These sessions, quite deliberately, begin with a yoga practice. The practice of yoga will allow you to become aware – and tap into the power – of your physical body.

Emotions and memories can become stored in your body. For example, think of the tension many of us carry in our neck, shoulders, and jaw as an indication of stress.

The practice of yoga allows us to access and experience the knowledge held in our physical body in a way that other therapeutic interventions may not. 

Practicing yoga also encompasses meditation, a stilling and quieting of the mind. Meditation allows us to connect to our truest selves, to hear the quiet voice speaking to us of our innermost aspirations and desires. 

Because, after practicing yoga, you are better able to access your emotions, and still enough to permit yourself to truly listen, a group therapy session is that much more powerful. In this safe, nurturing, and exploratory environment, you are encouraged to gain insight into how you approach yourself, your relationships, and the whole of your life, and determine if there are things you’d like to change.

In Sanskrit (the language of yoga), Sangha loosely translates to “community.” In these sessions, you will also benefit from the experience, perspective, and wisdom of individuals who are, like you, working hard to examine their own emotions and patterns of behavior. Together, you will create a community of like-minded individuals who, with my guidance and support, will come together in a powerful way to affect positive change in one another’s lives. 

You must be an established individual therapy client to participate in these sessions, as I must have knowledge of each participant to ensure the cohesiveness and safety of the group.

Individual Therapy

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