individual therapy

Individual therapy is a means by which to become better acquainted with, and accept, yourself.  You are likely seeking therapy because, at the moment, you are unhappy or unsatisfied with some – or even most – aspects of your life. 


Working with me in a therapeutic relationship can be, not only
a way to address your present difficulties, but also a means by which to explore your strengths and to empower you to make difference choices. 

You will learn that you do, in fact, possess the capabilities
to make the changes you envision. 

In our individual work together, I will assist you in better understanding your thoughts and emotions. I will provide
a safe space for you to explore how these experiences affect
your relationship with yourself, your body, and others. And
I will guide and support you as you learn to trust your intuition and develop a sense of faith in yourself to take you where you want to go.     

Our work together starts with a phone call, where you can explain your situation and why you are seeking my help. From there, we schedule an initial consultation. This first meeting is an information-gathering session, lasting approximately 90 minutes.

In this first session, I am afforded the opportunity to learn
more about you and your history and understand how you came to be in your current situation. We will also discuss your goals, what you hope to gain from therapy, and the path upon which you envision your life. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will begin crafting an approach to best allow you to affect change.

Then, we begin meeting, typically on a weekly basis, for 45-minute sessions. Regular meetings are important, to continue the momentum of the work, and to provide a sense of continued support and guidance, as well as accountability.

Group Therapy  (+ Yoga)

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