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Seeking some guidance and support in making changes in your life? People benefit from therapy for a number of reasons.  


Feel stuck?

Do you feel unfulfilled and tired of simply surviving your life rather than living fully? Maybe you feel unsatisfied with your career, your relationships, or even the course of your life in general.


Perhaps, no matter how hard you try, and no matter what you accomplish, you feel guilty, or inadequate; you feel as though you’ll never be good enough. Are you your own worst critic? Are you harder on yourself than anyone else? Do you hold yourself to a standard you can never possibly reach?

Experiencing a significant change?

People also find therapy helpful when going through a career change or a divorce, after having a child or after your children have grown up and left the nest, or while grieving the death of
a loved one.

Do you feel sad most of the time?

Perhaps you feel fatigued and don’t feel like getting out of bed sometimes? Have you lost interest in things you previously loved to do? Are you withdrawing from your loved ones? Maybe important people in your life have wondered where your zest for life has disappeared to… or perhaps you have always struggled to find that spark in the first place.

Unhappy with your body? 

Many people find therapy helpful to learn to accept – and love and appreciate – their bodies and to address the emotional issues surrounding their struggle to lose weight or be comfortable in their own skin.

Are you often worried? 

Are your worries preventing you from being fully engaged in your life? Do you struggle to quiet your mind? Perhaps you find your thoughts racing to the extent that you cannot concentrate or focus. Or, maybe such worries interfere with your ability to get restful sleep.

Recovering from a traumatic event?

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. Many people seek therapy because they are struggling with past traumatic experiences that continue to affect them today. Trauma can also create a “before and after effect” such that you may find it difficult to adjust to the changes that occurred in your life as
a result of something you did not choose to happen to you.

Relationship difficulties? 

Others seek therapy because they have difficulties relating to – or effectively communicating with – others. Perhaps you desire healthier, more satisfying relationships with your loved ones. Maybe you have a tendency to put others first and struggle to say no, and, as a result, feel depleted, and even resentful of the time you give to others. 

For any and all of these issues, I can help.

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